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2017-03-29 00:41:35 by Big-Boss

I worked together with on this video:

I wrote the script and he provided his voice and the images in the video. 

Check out this video and his other videos! He does a really nice job and he deserves more views! Don't forget to subscribe to him, too, if you like his content! We'd both really appreciate it! 




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2017-03-29 00:52:16


No but seriously, That was awesome. lol
Thought this was epicly funny. lmao


2017-04-09 18:53:07

I went and followed him. Good video.

Big-Boss responds:

Thank you! I appreciate it and I'm sure he will, too. He's a talented kid. :)


2017-04-10 18:15:31

@Rielva, have you seen this yet? If not, I'm late on the message, but hey!


2017-04-16 21:02:22

His videos are so good, I subscribed to his channel

Big-Boss responds:

Thanks for supporting his channel, man!


2017-05-23 06:17:51

I hope you're a man who can take criticism, because in my opinion, it did not contain quality. First of all the script was bland, it did not contain anything funny and it just felt similar to other top 10 list like from Watchmojo or WackyWenesday but even downgraded. The editing was horrific, the transition slides did not even match each other's time span when transitioning.

The whole video wasn't visually appealing, it looks like it was made with MS paint, I mean the editor did not even use the images of the actual achievements. The thumbnails is never going to attract attention because it was poorly done. The only thing about the video that I felt like contained quality was the mic, that's it.

The editor could have done something like show gameplay in the transition slide as a background, or he could have added a clip of the achievement being achieved while he was talking about the achievement instead of adding a still frame picture. There was nothing actually moving in the video, there was no animation.

To be honest, I think if you'd just improved and made my statements about the problems of the video no longer existent, I honestly think you'd start getting more clicks on your video and more subs. Have a nice day man.

Big-Boss responds:

He IS a young content creator with not a whole lot of videos, so of course he doesn't provide the top quality videos that more experienced people on YouTube make. You do have some good points, though, so I suggest that if you want, to message him about what you think he needs to do with the editing in his videos. Most of what you think needs changing is about what he does, not me.

As for the script writing, I kept it to the point about how to obtain the achievements mostly. The humor was supposed to be corny and stupid, so if you didn't find it funny, that's understandable. He was also limiting what I could say, since he wants his videos to be PG, maybe PG 13 at the most. That's just the way he has to do things and I respect that.


2017-07-02 19:18:20

Watchmojo will be suing and/or hiring you any minute.

The Simpsons game had an achievement just for hitting start on the start menu, aptly titled "easiest achievement ever". It also had a 0G achievement for dying ten times in a row so it's more like a badge of shame.

The most unnecessary achievements though are ones that pop up during or after emotional scenes in narrative driven games, they never fail to ruin the moment.


2017-08-01 17:57:01

Gratz on supporter status.

Big-Boss responds:

My name must've gotten displayed, huh? Haha.