Entry #5

Name Change

2017-08-08 12:51:30 by Big-Boss

I figured it was time for a name change. DeftonesFan665 was the name that I did so much under, but I've been thinking for a while now that it was kind of a lame username. Plus, I'm not as big of a fan of the Deftones as I used to be, haha. 

Anyways, what's up with everybody else? 


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2017-08-08 14:02:53

Hope that doesn't mean that you will boss me around big time D:

Big-Boss responds:

Nah, you're too sweet for me to boss you around. :p


2017-08-08 16:52:32

It's always good to ditch those random numbers.

Big-Boss responds:

Those numbers weren't as random as you might think. They're actually from one of the Deftones' songs.


2017-08-10 05:24:40

Just bored honestly. Playing games and shit.
Also, Big-Boss huh?
Reminds me of something: https://i.ytimg.com/vi/_-qKl-dpWbk/maxresdefault.jpg

(Updated ) Big-Boss responds:

I don't remember asking you a goddamn thing. jk

Also, my name is referring to Naked Snake once he got promoted to Big Boss.



2017-08-10 11:36:46

BRB changing my name to deftonesfan665

Just kidding.

Big-Boss responds:

Carry on my legacy, bby.


2017-08-10 19:26:12

Fuck you then. Lmao.

And I figured it was a MGS reference, But it's been so fucking long since I played the games I wasn't sure.

And uh.. Yeah, I don't think so. True Patriots don't defect? lol

Big-Boss responds:

If you don't remember that she was a true patriot, it really has been a long time for you then.


2017-08-10 22:24:29

Ehhhh about 5 or 6 years. I picked up on MGS3 a while back but it didn't last long. My PS2 emulator doesn't like the way the PS4 controller tries to emulate the PS2's functions.

Oh well though. I bought Kingsway last night on Steam and it's pretty cool.


2017-08-11 00:47:33

I wish I could but my supporter subscribtion expired and I didn't feel like renewing it.

Big-Boss responds:

Smh...i'm disappointed in you.


2017-08-11 17:53:35

quit calling other people bb you ho

Big-Boss responds:

I call other people bby, not bb, so I'm good.


2017-08-12 03:34:14

...soooo, "Deffy" JUST wasn't good enough fer ya, eh????

Big-Boss responds:

I looked to see if that username is taken and it looks like it actually is, haha. Both of the F's are capitalized, but still. Then again, looks like the account hasn't been used in over a decade, so I guess Deffy could be good enough for me if I really wanted it to be. :P


2017-08-13 02:02:14

You can boss me around anytime.


2017-08-13 11:59:17