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Short, simple, and funny. I liked it and I think it would be funny if you make a series about random Fallout things.

Seems like you tried too hard to make this funny, which made it unfunny. At least the animation and voice acting were decent.

Your Snake voice was pretty good. Your Psycho Mantis voice, though? Not so much. Also, I don't understand what the point was of that live action clip at the end. You should've left that out completely and made the animation itself a bit longer.

Not a bad animation, but it definitely could've been a lot better. There's a lot of room for improvement.

MacadamiaMana responds:

Thanks for the Feedback I really appreciate it! Constructive Criticism is good it helps me grow.

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While it can get tedious and it does in fact require some grinding, I thought this game was pretty good! I had fun playing it and I liked the combining system to get better equipment.

It definitely had its flaws, though. I wish there was somewhat of an aiming system. You'd be facing those trucks with mounted guns on them, but your character's aim would be locked onto an ordinary guy with a gun. Killing the more powerful enemies first is sometimes a good strategy and you can't do in this game because of the auto aim.

Also, being able to use the number keys to quickly use special items would've been a better way to use them. The player could then focus on picking up money, chests and safes with the mouse and using the number keys to use their special items.

An in-game tutorial would've been nice instead of the player having to figure out things on their own. At first, I had to figure out the difference between a white and gold star on a block and died doing so. There's no guide to this game whatsoever.

I wasn't a fan of the gameplay or controls. This game is more annoying than anything. The cat slides around more than I'd like, which results in me sliding off blocks and dying. The teleportation mechanic also isn't very good.

Lastly, what's with the difficulty curve? It goes from easy to somewhat difficult then back to easy, then difficult and etc. I've noticed inconsistent difficulty curves in your games before, but this one is particularly bad with it.

Definitely an interesting concept for an idle game, I like it! This is more creative than some of the idle games I've played that's for sure. The music was nice and it was amusing to watch the blobs move up and down super fast.

I would give this five stars if there was more to it. This was definitely one of the good idle games I've played, though.

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Not too bad! Actually kind of relaxing, haha. Plus, I pictured myself in an elevator while listening to this because of the name.

The jingling sound that plays nonstop through the song does get a bit annoying, though. Maybe tone down the volume of it a bit.

This sounds very professionally done. I can't believe my ears right now. I've never heard something quite like this on Newgrounds. This song reminds me of Evanescence or Nightwish. You guys already sound like a very good, successful band!

I think this is too good for Newgrounds. Honestly.

ftoons responds:

Wow, I'm really glad you liked it! We'll upload a second song in a few weeks time.

Please, send the song to your friends, so more people listen us! And if you want, you can follow is on Twitter: @Moonchild_Band

Thank you! :)

First of all, you used too much of that voice clip. The first time you used it, that was fine. The second time, however, it lasted for almost half a minute. If you would've cut the time of that voice clip in half, that would've been a lot better.

It's just that people who come across this song are going to want to listen to a song, not too many sound effects or voice clips that are too long that take their attention away from the song because it gets kind of boring.

Besides that, though, the instruments you used, especially the drums and the trumpet, provided a great orchestra sound. It really got good towards the end because of how intense it got. It reminded me of the music that they use for superhero movie trailers.

gesignature responds:

There is an actual video clip to the music which i should probably mention in the description.

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Very chilling design! The environment around the deer really creates a spooky vibe. All of the unkempt and strange looking fur on the deer adds to that spooky factor. Not to mention that its eyes just stare into your soul.

Great work!

As a big Metal Gear Solid fan, I find this very amusing. A humorous concept, especially with the Pokemon that you picked to depict Snake and Colonel Campbell. The serious expression on Sunkern's face really gets to me, haha.

pInkmoth responds:

im very glad you like it!

This looks like a newer generation Pokemon. Is it? Regardless, it looks pretty cool! I really like the design.

SomeTinyCritter responds:

Aww thank you! Numbats are actual animals (but I drew this one with wings)! They're tiny termite eaters native to Australia and they're very cute ^^

It makes me really happy that it reminded you of Pokemon, hopefully the generation after Galar is Australian-based and has a numbat Pokemon!

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