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The context in the video doesn't really make much sense at all. It doesn't lead up to anything and feels very incomplete.

The voice acting was boring and could have shown more emotion.

The voice acting and randomness was hilarious! There was never a dull moment in this animation.

Great job!

The animation is pretty smooth, which is good. The video being longer and having more context would've been nice. The voice acting wasn't too bad and I liked the birds chirping in the background.

This isn't a bad animation, but it needs to be expanded on for it to be decent.

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This is more challenging than I expected! It's visuals and music make it a relaxing sort of challenge, though, which is good. It's a simple game, but I really like it!

Not too easy and not too difficult. It's a decent little maze game.

One thing I must say, though, is that it was ridiculous how many times I had to press 0 to force restart. When I first encountered this problem, which was about halfway into the game, I had to force restart several times before it would pop up again on that level. Every level after that, though, it would only take one restart, but I had to do that everytime after that point to even start a level. It got annoying to say the least.

The medals that required a certain score to obtain were harder to get than I thought! You gotta make sure you don't burn a bunch of buildings that are linked together if the population percentage isn't very high. That'll end your game real quick.

This was unexpectedly a bit challenging and I liked it! Good job!

SilverwareGames responds:

Thanks so much, it took a bunch of tweaking to get the balance right.

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Not too bad! Actually kind of relaxing, haha. Plus, I pictured myself in an elevator while listening to this because of the name.

The jingling sound that plays nonstop through the song does get a bit annoying, though. Maybe tone down the volume of it a bit.

This sounds very professionally done. I can't believe my ears right now. I've never heard something quite like this on Newgrounds. This song reminds me of Evanescence or Nightwish. You guys already sound like a very good, successful band!

I think this is too good for Newgrounds. Honestly.

ftoons responds:

Wow, I'm really glad you liked it! We'll upload a second song in a few weeks time.

Please, send the song to your friends, so more people listen us! And if you want, you can follow is on Twitter: @Moonchild_Band

Thank you! :)

First of all, you used too much of that voice clip. The first time you used it, that was fine. The second time, however, it lasted for almost half a minute. If you would've cut the time of that voice clip in half, that would've been a lot better.

It's just that people who come across this song are going to want to listen to a song, not too many sound effects or voice clips that are too long that take their attention away from the song because it gets kind of boring.

Besides that, though, the instruments you used, especially the drums and the trumpet, provided a great orchestra sound. It really got good towards the end because of how intense it got. It reminded me of the music that they use for superhero movie trailers.

gesignature responds:

There is an actual video clip to the music which i should probably mention in the description.

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Excellent line work and shading around the eyes!

Good work!

This is a pretty good and accurate drawing! His chin isn't the same size on one side, though, and isn't as well rounded.

Very nice graphic detail and colors!

Also, you gotta love that the number on his space suit is 69. I see what you did there.

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